As an insurance intermediary, we work closely with our insurers and partners in formulating our plans for insurance protection abroad.


We only work with Insurance carriers who carry a security rating of A as a minimum and we believe that by doing this, we offer our partners longevity, financial security and equally as important flexibility.

Global Network

By working closely with our Assistance and Third Party Administrators we offer a truly global capability for our partners. Local language, Toll free and regional emergency contact numbers, local claims and assistance support are services that we view as standard


Whilst we fully appreciate that the premium paid by any of our members is important, by negotiating with Insurance Carriers who understand the market place we live in today, we rely on their flexibility to obtain the best rates for our partners. Typically this may include adjusting limits or deductibles on each risk but in all our negotiations we believe in transparency in order to obtain our partners long term requirements.


By offering all of our partner’s access to our on-line enrolment and registration vehicle, S.C.O.P.E, our plans can be transacted to show offerings and premiums on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

At Inter360, we understand that all of our partners will have coverage requirements that differ from one another but some of our current options are included below.

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Sample plans will be available from this page soon.

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Our core strength is offering bespoke products for our partners and clients. Feel free to contact us to discuss or review any different plans or add-ons you may require.